TRE05:RHINO (Custom Jouwe)


NAME: TRE05:RHINO (Custom Jouwe)
CUSTOM BASE FIGURE: 10 inch tall vinyl Jouwe designed by Marine Ramdhani of My Tummy Toys
PURPOSE: For Jouwe Custom Show at Arty Farty Gallery, Cologne, Germany
AVAILABILITY: Please enquire via ArtyFarty Gallery
DATE OF CUSTOM: circa September 2010
STORY: TRE05:RHINO specifically functions as on battlefields, still remains a mystery, and tis been said that the only time you get to see the rhino horn starring back at you straight in your cross-hairs, is the moment before you perish!

[23 x images in slideshow above of TRE05:RHINO Profile / Full-screen Viewing]

[9 x images in slideshow above of TRE05:RHINO Details / Full-screen Viewing]

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